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[AGA Member] RE: UGF

IMO, you have made good choice to do it now. It will be no more work than
later, maybe less. If you wait and do it later, you would likely end up
disturbing or losing plants caught in the filter plate. My experience with
trying to leave the UGF plate in was much as others. When I finally had to
tear it down, I lost many large crypts that were so entrapped in the plate
that the tops broke off. Bit discouraging at the time :-(
Good luck
> all these responses are great! I think it might be better, if not easier, to
> put my finned friends in the little tank, take out the ugf, etc, then plant.
> It seems if I put the water from the tank back in, it should work okay.
> that's a project that'll have to wait til next week!

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