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[AGA Member] intro bandwagon

Jumping in on the intro bandwagon....

I'm Erik Leung from San Francisco. I keep three planted aquariums presently,
and have been doing tanks w/ emphasis on aquaplants for several years. Now
and then, I update www.e-aquaria.com, and also participate in local aquarium
plant groups (SFBAAPS + ASG).

Hi Karen, Erik O, Charlene, and everyone else I met at AGA 2001!


Erik Leung

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Hi Dustin,

Sorry that the list broke down just as you joined.  Erik is right that there
isn't a huge amount of traffic, but there's no reason it has to be that
way!!!  You could be just the kind of person to start things hopping!

I'm Karen Randall, from Massachusetts.  I keep 3 large planted aquariums and
a couple of smaller ones.  I've had aquariumd all my life, but have been
"purposely" doing planted aquariums (as opposed to having incidental plants
in "fish tanks") for close to 20 years now.  You may also know that I am the
current editor of TAG.  We're glad to meet you.  Tell us a little about


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