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[AGA Member] List Moderator

Hi Folks,

It is so great to see people participating in this list.  We'd REALLY like
to see it continue.  With that in mind, it might make sense to have a casual
"moderator" who can make sure that new member's questions get addressed by
someone, (it doesn't have to be the moderator that answers the question, as
long as the new person doesn't feel ignored) and that management issues get
seen by the proper AGA management person.

I'd also say that it might be good to have someone to make sure everyone
"plays nice", but at least so far, everyone on this list seems to have
impeccable manners!<g>

Is there anyone who might like to take on that function?  If we have more
than one person willing, we could even work out a rotating schedule, so no
one feels like they need to be "on duty" all the time.


Karen A. Randall

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