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Re: [AGA Member] A Rocky Start to Greetings

On Thursday 08 May 2003 13:34, Karen wrote:

> Hey, at the AGA conventions in the past, a lot of behind0the0scenes plant
> trading has gone on.  I wonder what the hotel folks will think if AGA'ers
> are sitting in the lobby at 2AM trading ROCKS!!!

Maybe we can get some *really* nice trades going.  Like when in 1580 a 
warlord named Nobunaga traded a small, particularly powerful bit of gneiss 
titled "Eternal Pine Mountain" for the entire Ishiyama fortress, which then 
stood at the current site of Osaka castle.

"I'll swap this bit of schist for your Lexus."

> BTW, I'm from N.E... We've got LOTS of granite ;-)

Ok, I'll not bring granite :)  I don't think it's a very good choice for 
aquascaping stones, anyway.  The rocks usually need to very large to show 
much character.

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