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Re: [AGA Member] Re: newbie here with some questions...

From: "June Olberding" <jdolb1@attbi.com>

Hi, June!

> Depending on your water source, it may also be adding nutrients.
Some water
> sources have good KH, GH,  nitrate and phosphate balance to take
care of

heh.. San Francisco water is as soft as it gets I think. You can see
our water report for last year here -
http://sfwater.org/detail.cfm/C_ID/1456  Notice the pretty map where
they show you the damn they built, destroying a large area of the
northern Yosemite valley. But let's not go there.

The infra-structure has been severely degraded due to neglect, and
now they're spending millions or billions for restoration. The City
is switching to chloramines in November. We're in an older building,
so corroded lead and copper pipes are a concern.  I use DI almost
exclusively, adding Seachem's Equilibrium to that water in changes
once or twice a month.  I  haven't much faith in the chemical tests.
I use them because it makes my wife think I'm busy. I usually go by
color and condition of the leaves. (Actually the lace watersprite
tells me but I've been asked not to mention that to anyone.)

I have 2 x 65watt PC flors (10k) over a 50gal and about 4" overall
of the florabase/flourite substrate. Lights are on 10 hrs. per day.
Temperature at 76.  Fluval 404 cannister. Bottom tray filled with
polyfilla and the other trays with ceramic noodles. 1 additional
powerhead, which is now also used as recreation for the raspboras.
When I do water changes they get excited and crowd over by the
powerhead, since that's where I ciphon the water in. When I start
the ciphon, they all come lining up one at a time to swim through
the current. They really make a game of it.  Reminds me of kids at a
fire hydrant.


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