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Re: [AGA Member] Soft water management -- potassium & algae -- chem rinses

--- Roger Miller <roger@spinn.net> wrote, in part:

> Phosphate contributes to algae growth and plant growth in
> exactly the same 
> manner as any other nutrient.  Just as with any other
> essential nutrient, 
> plant growth stops when there isn't enough phosphorus
> available to the plants.

Is it the same as potassium?  I was under the impression
that K didn't do much for algae, at least not in the wide
range of concentrations that one might use to the benefit
of the "higher" plants.  Or maybe I'm missing your point
here entirely?

> > Right now I'm experimenting with Borax treatments in an
> attempt to
> > find a convenient way to both remove unwanted organisms
> from new
> > plants we've bought before introducing them to the
> tank; and to also
> > find a treatment for older leaves discolored over time
> by algae.
> Take care.  The boron in borax is an essential trace
> element, but it is also 
> toxic to plants in concentrations less than 1 ppm.  I
> don't know what 
> symptoms to expect other than reduced growth and I don't
> know if the toxicity 
> will be expressed by a brief foliar exposure.  I am
> pretty sure that you will 
> want to be careful to rinse the excess borax off the
> plants before they go 
> back to your tank.

Is it harsher than a weak household bleach|water ( 1|20
)solution?  Of course that needs to be rinsed off pretty
thoroughly too and is probably too harsh for very fine
leaved plants.

While we're on the subject of general prophylactic rinses,
what does anyone know about the aquatic pesticide sold as
Lime It.  What's that stuff made of?  Different compounds
pass for "lime", Ca(OH)2 [hydrated lime]; CaO [ quicklime];
 CaCO3, MgCO3 [ calcite,limestone ] .

Scott H.

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