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Re: [AGA Member] Soft water management

On Fri, 16 May 2003 10:05:55 -0700, Dennis Sheridan wrote

> Ok, so what is the scam part? I mean this thing
> was pretty cheap, around $50 I think. It'll last me 2 years probably
> at the current rate. It makes co2. I'd guess the carbon reacts via
> electrolysis with the bicarbonate to make co2?  What is the down
> side?

The scam part is that you're paying money to purchase, operate and maintain a
device that is bad for your tank.  

Paul's complaint was that the carbon in the block is not reactive.  The CO2
that is produced by the device comes from breaking down the bicarbonate in
your tank water.  At one electrode bicarbonate reacts with hydrogen ion to
produce water and CO2.  At the other electrode bicarbonate reacts with
hydroxide to produce water and carbonate.  The KH drops as the result of the
reaction.  If the device is run long enough then the KH is consumed and the pH
in your tank crashes.

Most of the experience does not come from the Jebo product, but from another
brand.  Both are supposed to operate on the same principle.  Experience seems
to support Paul's claim.

I can imagine some variations in Paul's theme that might happen in soft water,
but otherwise I can't (despite trying) put up a very effective argument
against Paul.

Roger Miller

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