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Re: [AGA Member] Soft water management

From: "Roger Miller" <roger@spinn.net>

> hydroxide to produce water and carbonate.  The KH drops as the
result of the
> reaction.  If the device is run long enough then the KH is
consumed and the pH
> in your tank crashes.

Thanks, Roger.  You're the first person I've found that knows
anything about them. But I can't correlate my experience so far with
your description. I've been running this thing for over 6 mos.
Lights are on from noon to 10pm. The device goes on from 1pm to 9pm.
(10 hours lights/8 hours co2). Over the last 6 mos, after the tank
cycled, pH has been stable at around 6.8, KH usually tests around
35ppm (2 dKH), GH around 125ppm (7 dGH). This is with the AP
freshwater kits, usually once a week.  The only fluctuations come
when I add tap instead of DI. Then I measure higher values of KH/GH.
DI brings them back down again. I've kept a record of each weeks'
test over these 6 mos.  I'm not suggesting you or Paul are wrong
about anything, just reporting my experience so far.  Oh, and I
usually test after the lights have been on 3 or 4 hours, if that

My problem is I live in an apartment building in San Franicsco. The
landlord allows the tanks if I earthquake-proof them. He does not
want any presurized gas cylinders in the apts.  This seemed a good
compromise between a sugar/yeast diy and a co2 tank.  So now I don't
know what to do..



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