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Re: [AGA Member] Re: Portyland Cement and aquatic structures

As an exhibitry professional here are some comments:

With Rainforest Cafe, we built numerous aquatic features with cement.

Basically we made a gunite mixture that was app. 50% portland cement to 50% 
sand. water was added and the mixture was heavily stirred.

The gunite was trowled over wire mesh and rebar.....for aquarium use, PVC is 
used for the frame work and mesh is attached with plastic cable ties....

typically the cement is cured , scrubbed with a wire brush and then treated 
with muriatic acid and rinsed well.... for our ponds and waterfalls, we applied 
a liquid rubber coating.... without the muriatic acid treatment, the pH of 
the water would remain high.


Scott Robins
Aquatic Interiors, Inc.

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