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Re: [AGA Member] aquascaping contest

Thanks.  That makes perfect sense to me.  

Scott H.
--- Erik Olson <erik@thekrib.com> wrote:
> Hi folks,
> At the moment, pros are free to enter their clients'
> aquaria to their
> heart's content.  However, any one "pro" is limited to
> entering only three
> entries, just as everyone else is.  
> I probably mentioned this last fall when Phil originally
> proposed this
> separation, but my feeling is that the number of
> categories we currently
> have for the "planted" aquaria works well with the
> placings (I hesitate to
> say "prizes" because we don't have a lot of prizes) we
> have.  To split out
> "pros" would essentially dilute struggling categories
> like Biotope and
> Paludarium, and (most likely) effect little change in the
> "extra large" 
> aquatic garden category where the Sens...umm... I mean
> "pros" entered all 
> their tanks.
> So my feeling is that separating categories doesn't make
> sense until the
> contest grows to double its current size.
>   - Erik
> PS: Last call on volunteers for the contest...
> On Sun, 25 May 2003, S. Hieber wrote:
> > Seperating PROs from AMs could definitely change how
> the
> > prizes go. 

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