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[AGA Member] Contest Ads

Erica wrote:

> I'm trying to put together a list of magazines that might publish articles
> related to aquatic gardening (I will be contacting them to ask them to
> the current AGA aquascaping contest).  Can anybody give me suggestions?
> So far I've thought of AFM, TFH, FAMA, and Better Homes & Gardens.  I'm
> there are more...anybody?  If you can think of any other publications,
> let me know.  TIA!!

Just remember that the big magazines are working on their November issue
NOW. They hit the stands mid September. So depending on the contest dealine,
it may already be too late.  I've been away for the last few weeks, so I
must have missed the contest deadline. But if it's late enough that
publishing it in the November issue will work, I'll mention it in my Nov.
column.  Let me know.

I would contact FAAS and NEC and ask them to distribute fliers to their
local member clubs.


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