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[AGA Member] Re: AGA Member - Digest V1 #23

From: "Shawn Van Doren" <shawnuf@attbi.com>
Subject: RE: [AGA Member] Aquarium Magazines

I got these two magazine titles from a search on aquatic garden magazines
"Pond &Garden" and "Water Gardening".  Also this link came up
<A HREF="http://www.mailordergardening.com/";>http://www.mailordergardening.com/</A>

Thanks Shawn!  I'll send out a letter to those two magazines and check out 
that link.

> Aquarium Fish Magazine will publish a free web ad for every paid ad in 
> their
> publication. 

I don't know if it's within the AGA budget to purchase magazine ads -- from 
my understanding they are pretty pricey.  We are trying to get free 
ads/announcements.  I have sent a letter to the AFM editorial office to see if they will 
do this, though.

Thanks for the help!


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