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Re: [AGA Member] Help

Steve, do you have a suggestion as to how long I boil each section -
assuming I can find a pan large enough?


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> Have tyou tried boiling it part at a time. Stich however
> much fits into the pot and boil for 15-20 minutes, repeat.
> the turn to another end and do it again.  You might not get
> the whole thing this way, depending on shape, but each part
> you get will not leech tanin and that will help overall
> reduce the problem for you.
> Some folks have success running a half dozen times through
> the dishwasher -- no detergent, of course.
> Scott H.
> --- Donna McGraw <donnamcg@swbell.net> wrote:
> > I wrote back in April about setting up a new 46 gal tank
> > after I got back
> > from Belize.  Well, I got back and after recouperating
> > from the trip got
> > started on that tank.  I put a piece of driftwood fresh
> > from the LFS into
> > the tank and got started on the landscaping.  The
> > driftwood is still
> > leaching tannin after all this time.  After several
> > complete water changes,
> > I went back to the LFS and they suggested I boil the
> > offending driftwood.  I
> > do not have a pan large enough for the shape of this item
> > so they suggested
> > I put in in the bathtub and run hot water over it.  Well,
> > I put it in a
> > rubbermaid container instead with the hotest water I
> > could safely add and
> > have tried to keep it pretty hot, at least in the
> > daytime,  for the past
> > week - it's still turning the water brown.  Is there any
> > fix for this or
> > should I through it away and start again?  As it was
> > pretty expensive for a
> > piece of wood, I'd rather try to save it?
> >
> > TIA
> > Donna McGraw
> > Newbie of the Year!

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