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Re: [AGA Member] Plants for auction @ AGA?

On Sat, Oct 18, 2003 at 11:18:48PM -0700, jusfourn@shaw.ca wrote:
> Our plane leaves at 7:30am from Vancouver on Friday. We leave
> Dallas right after the auction. I need a list so I can acquire a
> sanitary cert if I want to bring anything back. I will be attending
> the entire conference, I am greatly looking forward to it >= )

This brings up a good question; for those of us flying in and out,
how should we deal with our auction selling/winnings?  I was assuming
that I could just pack them with my luggage, but from reading this
I see that may not be a good idea...

Also - I keep cichlids, and I like to use Texas Holey Rock, but
it's expensive in Michigan.  I'm considering buying up to my weight
limit in rocks while I'm there, anyone have suggestions for places
to get it?  Will a nearby landscaping supply carry it?


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