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New tanks can be frustrating! The CO2 level looks good - 19ppm or over, assuming KH=10 or higher. You didn't say what your nitrAte levels are, but with that much light & CO2, there's a good chance they're 0 or near it, which will cause algae. The Flourish Nitrate has a calculator on the label to tell you how much to add to get to a certain ppm of nitrate - figure out how much you need to add to get to 5-10 ppm nitrate. You'll need to pay a little extra attention to the tank until you get it balanced - 50% water changes weekly, and manually removing as much of the algae as possible.

What does the algae look like?

hope this helps,
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  Hello, Everybody!
  I am a new member-1st post- and started planted
  aquarium when you had your convention here in Houston
  last year. I converted my 75 gal fish tank to planted
  and after 6 mos grew Ludwigia and Stargrass pretty
  good w/ Carbo Plus. I thought that I needed more space
  for both plant and fish and thereby invested in a 180
  I had mediocre results-a little daily pearling and
  respectable growth on plants using Seachem Flourish a
  lot cheaper than Dupla 24 drops). 
  I had to tear it down due to problems w/ tank that is
  covered w/ warranty.
  I had the replacement running for about a month now
  and have algae problems and non-pearling. I know or I
  think at least that the algae were result of adding
  Seachem's nitrogen and phospate. Since then only used
  Flourish, Potassium, and Iron - 10 ml ea/wk with
  40-50% weekly water change. I have 480 watts of PC and
  60 of reg flourescent(total 540) and pumps about 2 bps
  of CO2 gas. 
  My tank has 0 ppm NH3 & NO2. PH=7.2 and about 10-11
  deg KH & GH, Temp= 82deg. I have 5 3.5 in Discus, 10
  o-cats, 20 Cardina J.,and 10 hatchets and 7 Corydoras.
  Can you guys help me out as to which kind and brand of
  ferts to use. Is my temp to high? Any help from
  anybody will be greatly appreciated. I am just
  desperate to grow a nice healthy planted tank.

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