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[AGA Member] Water Parameters

Hi All,
Finally I got today the master test LAB mad by Red Sea (Anyone knows?)
I was mostly interested in the KH in order to find out the CO2 concentration in the water.
Although the results really made me sad Fish and plants seems happy....
here goes:
PH 6.8~6.9
KH 9~10
GH 12~13
CO2 in ppm according to the CO2 test is 18 PPM
Ammonia, Nitrite and Chlorine are all 0 (at least these are good)

Despite the fact that the water are very hard I am kind of confused regarding the CO2 levels.
According to some CO2 tables levels are HIGH 33.991 ppm
Should I reduce my CO2 levels ? 
I know that plants can do well in hard water, but I guess I can use more RO water ?


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