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Re: [AGA Member] CO2 concentration in Hard water

I don't think Roger and I have any trouble. I'm trying to
hone in on something and Roger is being kind enough to help
me, which he graciously has done many times in the past.

My interpretation is that with higher KH it takes more CO2
to maintain the lower pH values. CO2 lowers pH and KH
raises it. That's the only relationship of note.

With high KH you can have a higher CO2 level and stay
within a given pH range because the higher KH keeps the CO2
form pushing the pH too low, it counteracts the effect on
pH, it buffers. So in that sense, a high KH allows more
CO2, but you have to put it in yourself, so to speak ;-)

Scott H.
--- Amit Brucker <amitb@gtek.co.il> wrote:
> Oh I didn't mean to cause any trouble.... Sorry if I
> did....
> Just wanted to know whether Red Sea info was correct.
> Never said that rising the KH will effect the CO2 levels
> just wanted to know
> whether higher KH levels can hold larger amount of CO2.
> As it was mentioned in the Red Sea manual.
> Sorry once more.

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