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RE: [AGA Member] Aquatic plant supplyers?buying plants from Canada

I am quite sure Canadian customs has nothing to do with the delays. Customs
is exclusively concerned with things coming IN, not outgoing. The US customs
has always officially required phytosanitary inspection certificates for
plants coming into the USA; they may have begun being more strict lately for
security reasons. Perhaps terrorists are smuggling in radioactive materials
inside flowers or something! ;-) Actually, I think they are more worried
about unwanted "guests" like insect eggs or other parasites. Plants without
the roots or without soil on the roots are safest.

Steve P in balmy Vancouver, BC, CANADA

william ruyle wrote:
> I tried to buy a robust form of hornwort from a guy in Edmonton
> Alberta but
> Canadian customs has tightened up what goes out-of-country. They are
> delaying
> indefinitely because it's a native Alberta plant:( Just thought I'd send
> this
> out as a warning. And I'm not being critical of our Canadian friends and
> neighbors.

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