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Re: [AGA Member] Turbo Twist 3X UV Sterilizer - Problems ?

You need to contact Energy Savers Unlimited Customer Service prior to 
attempting any type of repair your self. 

They will tell you if you can resolve the problem yourself or if the unit 
needs to be sent back to them.

Also, note, recommended in line installation with a Magnum would be to run 
your return hose to a "tee" fitting, with one line returning directly to the 
tank and a second line feeding the UV sterilizer. We would also recommend a ball 
valve in line  wtih the UV to regulate flow.  You would then have a second 
return from the UV back to the aquarium.

If water ran from the canister directly thru the UV without the bipass or 
flow regulation line, you are probably moving water faster than the manufacture's 
recommended flow....reducing contact time and reducing "kill rates".

With the bipass line installed, you can run the UV and the canister filter 
all the time.


Scott Robins
Aquatic Interiors, Inc.

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