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Re: [AGA Member] RE: AGA Member

Don't give up. You can make your tank make you happy again.

It sounds like one of my 20 gallons when I fall too far
behind on water changes and/or fertilizing. I don't have a
lot of fish in it but I feed them heavily.

Can you pull the brown stuff out by twirling something in
it and then lightly pulling?

What kind of set up have you got? 
How much light.
Do you add ferts what kind how much? Or better, do you test
phosphate and nitrate levels.
Do water changes? how often how much?
Any fast growing plants?

--- scot mckittrick <smckitt@verizon.net> wrote:
> OK gang I am loosing my freaking mind.  I have a 75
> gallon tank that I have
> about 15 quarter size angels in, along with 2 small
> plecos, a few neon
> tetras, and 4 or 5 other small fish.  I have some type of
> brown hair algae
> on a lot of the plants in it & then there is also this
> nasty green moss like
> algae on the plants too.  Please help, what do I need to
> do to get rid of
> this?  I am about to loose my mind.

S. Hieber

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