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[AGA Member] CO2 regulator question

Hey all,
My co2 regulator is making a hissing noise and i was
wondering if it was normal? The hissing noise is
coming from within the regulator. Also when I decrease
the co2 regulator knob the noise will go away and once
the output reaches 10 psi the needle on the gauge will
pop back to 20 psi but fall straight back to 10. It is
a veriflo dual stage regulator. I checked for co2
leaks but could not find any. The reason I ask is
because this regulator went through a 5 lb co2 tank
within a week, which sometimes occurs because a
fitting is loose. However, I replaced the tank and
checked the fittings and there are no leaks. I have
another co2 regualtor built by scott cerrata which
makes no noise whatsoever. thanks for the help,


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