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Re: [AGA Member] substrate

I use Turface and have used it for about 4 years now. I mix it with my
medium natural flint gravel.

I have found that from my experience it should not be used greater than a 2
parts natural gravel to 1 part Turface mix (2:1). Anything more than that
then you may run into problems with getting plants initially rooted (Turface
is lighter in weight than gravel).

Also, watch out for phosphates. Turface is not a "controlled" substrate so
you may not know what is in there until you start testing your water. I have
run into issues with high phosphate readings after using Turface.

I use it in all 4 of my tanks (20, 40, 120, & 125).


Aaron's Web Site- www.jeezman.com

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