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[AGA Member] AGA website

I am bringing this post to this list as it seems most
appropriate. However, it is the discussion that started on
APD about updating nutrient information (Sears - Conlin) and
posting it on the Krib that has me thinking - wishing this
could be posted on the AGA site also.  Why bother?  Because
posts on APD and I imagine other plant boards often refer
people to credible sites that have the information they are
seeking.  If that site could be the AGA reference page
perhaps new people would visit a few times and then join?
We see some of that from commercial enterprises on APD, so
why not promote AGA?  I'll bet at least once a week Scott H.
writes in response to someone's question - go to such and
such a web site.  Besides the Krib, Chuck Gadd's site and
George Booth's site are frequently mentioned.

If some of the traffic passed through the AGA site it might
(should) be good for membership.  My interest is in larger
membership and more pages and content in TAG :-) Larger
membership is one step toward more content?   These sites
could link back and forth in the articles - not just at a
links page.  If an article from the Krib appeared on the AGA
site a link to the Krib could be included within the article
to encourage further reading.  Although I don't know all the
history, I understand that Eric has made huge contributions
to both the Krib (his site) and AGA.  I suppose Eric is the
webmaster for AGA as well?  So is this just asking Eric to
double his volunteer workload?

Also, maybe these articles could be "edited" for accuracy
and readability as I imagine a TAG article is?  Having that
kind of credibility would be an additional asset.  Oops, did
Karen's work load just increase?  I can think of some other
"articles" that would be valuable as far as referring people
to the site.

I understand that everything about this is a volunteer
effort, but sure would be great to promote the AGA and get a
couple more color pages in my favorite periodical, TAG.  I
would even be willing to learn how to update the web page -
I have a son who will be home from school for a month, he
could teach me :-)

Sorry if I have rambled, but wanted to express my thoughts
on this.

Thanks for all the great and amazing things you all do to
educate and inform!

Jay Reeves

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