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Re: [AGA Member] AGA website

On Sun, 14 Dec 2003, Jay Reeves wrote:

[a bunch of lines suggesting the AGA gets its butt in gear and provides 
some useful content for its website.]

Right you are!  Actually, my first thought after replying to Tom's post
was "hey, TAG article!"  Karen and I & the rest of the board have talked
about updating some of the content on the site to be more representative
of recent articles.  As always, it's up against all the other projects
that get in the way,  kinda the same way that the Krib hasn't been updated
in almost 3 years now.  (But at least the aquascaping contest ribbons are 
mailed out, and people are finally getting their DVD, VHS and CD-ROM 
shipments next week!)

So, actually, y'know, here's something that might be a way all of you
could help out... what sorts of "seminal" articles would you think are
good to have on the AGA website?  Maybe it's something that's appeared in
TAG in the last year or two, or maybe it's something that hasn't even been
written yet.  Anything that immediately floats to the surface for anyone?

  - Erik

Erik Olson 
erik at thekrib dot com

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