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Re: [AGA Member] UV Sterilizers

Concerning the Aaron Glass question. Whether it does or does not oxidize trace elements, UV sterilizers will "nuke green water, which leads to a related thread:

GW happens when nutrient imbalance occurs.

In a very brightly lighted and heavily planted aquaria, plants will have a high metabolic rate and will strip out nutrients quickly. Though higher order plants may look good because of accumulated nutrients/stored carbohydrates, the water column may be pretty much depleted. Then, opportunistic GW algae will take off.

I had a 125 gallon heavily planted aquaria, overly illuminated. Once a week I adding 60 ml Kent Freshwater Plant (Micronutrient supplement with iron and K) and 60 ml Kent ProPlant (mainly nitrogen). This is a lot. GW and other algae frustrations prevailed. I discovered plants were using up these nutrients within a half a week. I cut light by 1/3. Results = algae problems gone and need for fertilization reduced dramatically. I use Hach digital colorimeter testing instruments for Nitrate, Iron and Phosphate.

John Glaeser

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