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Re: [AGA Member] UV Sterilizers

And remember, if the iron oxidiszes, it does not disappear;
it remains in the aquarium where it can be obtained by the

Scott H.
--- ROlesen104@aol.com wrote:
> In a message dated 12/28/03 7:38:55 PM Eastern Standard
> Time, 
> aglass@wi.rr.com writes:
> > have read and heard that using a UV sterilizer on
> planted tanks is not a 
> > good idea since it evidently oxidizes trace elements.
> I've been running UV sterilizers on my tanks for two
> years now with no 
> obvious iron or other trace element deficiencies noted.
> Some tanks do have Flourite 
> but other do not and about the only difference I've
> noticed is less algae 
> overall.
> Having heard the same argument you did about UV
> sterilizers --  I added extra 
> iron for a while but all I noticed then was an increase
> in algae. I've since 
> added iron only to the substrate when and if I felt it
> necessary and this has 
> seemingly produced good results.
> Well, at least no harm came of it.
> This would be a fairly easy thing to test for if there
> was a reliable iron 
> test kit for the water column, but there apparently is
> not. Most iron test kits 
> say more about the test kits themselves than about the
> amount of iron in the 
> water. Ditto PO4.
> Bob Olesen

S. Hieber

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