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Re: [AGA Member] What UV and what you see

In a message dated 12/29/03 4:31:24 PM Eastern Standard Time, 
shieber@yahoo.com (Scott) writes:

> UV will have a significant effect only on waterborne algae,
> not anything that has attached to something. UV is not a
> silver bullet for alage. It's great for killing green water
> algae and also for white water bacteria blooms but not for
> hair algae or biofilms.

This would probably true about hair, red and all the other obnoxious, 
attached algae provided those algae don't release spores into the water column to 
reproduce themselves. If spores are released into the water, and to the extent 
that this water is somehow run through the UV before the spores can attach 
themselves to something, will they not be adversely affected by a trip through the 
UV rays? I think it must cut down at least some on their spread. 

You are right, there doesn't seem to be a silver bullet yet discovered and 
maybe there never will be. It's all about the little things, the death of a 
thousand cuts, attrition -- combining water changes, nutrient management, 
physically removing algae when noticed and yes, maybe the use of a UV sterilizer as 

> One clear benefit of leaving one running all the time is
> that the quartz sleeve usually doesn't need to be cleaned
-- the UV keeps any biofilm bacteria from attaching to it.

Hey, that's a good point, Scott - I never thought of that!

> Otoh, you have to buy UV bulbs more often if you leave it
> running

I'm no electrician of lighting expert, but I think turning a bulb on and off 
shortens its life as much or more than it being constantly on all the time?

Bobo -- WPB, FL

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