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Re: [AGA Member] What UV and what you see

--- ROlesen104@aol.com wrote:
> In a message dated 12/29/03 4:31:24 PM Eastern Standard
> Time, 
> shieber@yahoo.com (Scott) writes:
> This would probably true about hair, red and all the
> other obnoxious, 
> attached algae provided those algae don't release spores
> into the water column to 
> reproduce themselves. If spores are released into the
> water, and to the extent 
> that this water is somehow run through the UV before the
> spores can attach 
> themselves to something, will they not be adversely
> affected by a trip through the 
> UV rays? I think it must cut down at least some on their
> spread. 

In theory yes, but there's scant evidence that the impact
is significant that way. A water change probalby works as
well for that one particular effect.

>  . . . 
> I'm no electrician of lighting expert, but I think
> turning a bulb on and off 
> shortens its life as much or more than it being
> constantly on all the time?

Depends ho often you turn it off and on. If you use the UV
once a week for say 24 hours straight, the bulb will last
longer than burning 24/7.  If you cycle the bulb every 6
hours, you'd probably be closer to breakeven.  Regular
fluoresecents life ratings are based on 3 hour cycles --
continuously running last longer than cycled bulbs inthat
case -- but I don't know about UV bulbs.  The assumption
might be that in most uses, they are run continuously and
the rated life is based on that.

Anyone look this up recently? I've only been looking at
some Philips bulbs and they rate those based on 8 hour
cycles. Much less than regular fluoresents.

Scott H.

S. Hieber

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