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Re: [AGA Member] Washing Flourite

there really isnt a fast way . i used an old colander. 

but an easier way do deal with the problem is to not even wash it at all 

put the substrate in the tank. place a dinner plate on the surface of the 
direct the flow from the hose at the center of the plate and fill SLOWLY. you 
will get a very small amount of particles in the water column which should 
clear up overnight. 

this is not my method (ie i didnt think it up) but one more experienced 
people have used and proposed.. 

obviously if you are adding to existing substrate and are trying to do it 
without breaking down the tank the above method isnt appropriate. but if i was 
going to the expense of putting in flourite i would take the opportunity to 
remove plants and creatures and take out most of existing substrate ( not all 
leave some on bottom to see bacteria) and replant. take opportunity to prune and 
now is time to catch that fish you have been trying to get rid of !

good luck. flourite today is much less dustier that it was 2 years ago.

rich green

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