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[AGA Member] Can anyone help me in finding some highlight wood rooted plants?

Hello, I'v been on this list for a while but haven't really said much lol. 
But I was wondering id anyone knows of any highlight plants that I could root to 
wood? It's a 30 gallon with two 65 watt PC's over it thats 4.3 watts per 
gallon. lol i don't have many plants that suffer from not enough light lol mostly 
they suffer from lack of Co2 cause i can't pump it in their fast enough but i 
think now i got the balance pretty good sense the algae is disappearing now. 
but i had some Anubias of some strain in their ant the leafs seemed to yellow 
then after just kinda turn to mush. Can anyone help me with this? and tell me 
what it is? I was thinking maybe to much light? But not sure. Thanks for any 

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