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Re: [AGA Member] Can anyone help me in finding some highlight wood rooted plants?

I have been using Narrow Leaf Java Fern attached to wood with success in
high light tanks. I am using CO2 but I have found that doing weekly water
changes (I use straight from the tap) and weekly dosing with the Seachem
products (I just follow the written directions on the bottles) works for me
and keeps them going quite well. If you are running a small tank (under 50
gallons) and want to try CO2 just set up a do-it-yourself setup with yeast.
It is cheap and simple, I have run it on my 20 and 40 gallon tanks with no
problems. I usually run two 2-liter bottles in tandem and can get a 3-4 week
charge out of them before redoing the mixture.


Aaron's Web Site- www.jeezman.com

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