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Re: [AGA Member] white film on water surface

The development of a bacterial surface film is not uncommon
in organically rich, warm containers of water, especially
ones where the water at and near the surface is relatively

A surface skimmer is one way to remove it. Eheim makes one
that you can connect to the intake on a canister filter.
But it clogs easily and you might have to clear once or
more often times per day.

An overflow for a wet/dry/dump set up will accomlish the
same thing. these can be a pita if hooked up to a canister
filter instead of a sump -- all the changes in water level
have to be accomodated inthe relatively small overflow box
instead of a sump, which would be considerably larger.

Surface agitation will tend to break it up -- but you have
to balance the gain against the potential loss of CO2.

It has been said that mollies will eat the film.

Short of surface agitation, lots of water current near the
surface without actually "breaking" the surface, lots of
plants, and not too much fish food/waste -- so that the
water is very clean and clear -- will tend to avoid or
minimize the amount of film.

Scott H.
--- Allen Chu <thechuhome@yahoo.com> wrote:
> I recently started getting a white film (possibly oily
> like) on the surface of the tank and would like to
> seek help in how others may have solved the problem. 
> Suggestions?

S. Hieber

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