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[AGA Member] Invitation to FishBizForums.com

Hi everyone,
I checked with Erik and he said this would be OK. I am a member of AGA and
would like to invite all of you to my new online forum www.fishbizforums.com
 The forum has been created for folks who own or would like to start their
own aquarium related business. Business owners range from aquarium
maintenance to wholesale import/export, fish breeding, ponds and more. It
also includes members from the US, Canada, the U.K., Australia and China.
This is a pretty new forum so I need your help and knowledge to help it
succeed if you own any aquarium related business. If you would like to learn
how to start a business or would like to simply talk to those that have,
this is also a great resources for you. I would really like to hear from you
guys to get your feedback about the site. Thanks so much for your time.! 
Duane D. Clark
AquaServe Aquarium Publications

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