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[AGA Member] Re: help about fluorescent bulb

>>I use 10000k bulbs because they usually produce more
blue and green light, which red plants absorb to keep
them red(red plants usually turn green if there is
only red light to absorb). <<

I never use 10,000 kelvin. All my lights now are 6500, and I get really dark
red plants. Different plants react differently. Many plants get darker red
under brighter light, no matter what the kelvin is. Many stem plants turn
red the closer they reach to the light. Many Echinodorus for example turn
darker red as the light intensity increases. Even Kasselmann states this in
her book. With other plants nitrogen or  P04 will affect the coloring of the
plant. I havn't yet found the kelvin to play any role at all.

Robert Hudson

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