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Re: [AGA Member] Re: help about fluorescent bulb

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From: "Robert H" <robertph3@comcast.net>

> plant. I havn't yet found the kelvin to play any role at all.

I'm curious about CRI - color rendering index. I can see the obvious
difference in what my eyes appear to see at 10k as opposed to 6.7k.
I understand, I think, that much of this is due to the phospers that
different bulbs use (in that some bulbs have a lower cri rating than
others). I assume it is important to select bulbs with a high CRI.
Does it necessarily follow that high CRI gives you a closer
approximation to "true color", whatever that may mean?

If 6.xk approximates (to a plant) noon day sun, and 5.xk
mid-morning, that would mean that our plants are always, when lights
on, in either mid-morning or noon sun. Does this need to be taken
into account in terms of dosing, hours, algae control, etc..  or am
I overcomplicating?


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