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RE: [AGA Member] Aquarium Planning

With Flourite, Fourite Red, Onyx Sand, or EcoComplete, you
don't have to mix in anything. You don't need to combine
this different products either -- the differences in grain
size will cause them to tend to stratify anyway.

Shop areound on-line. You can often find them cheaper from
an on-line suppler, even after including shipping costs.

Some peat on the glass under the substrate isn't a bad idea
in a new tank. Helps provide some organics for the roots
until the substrate is well developed with mulm.

Scott H.
--- Nathan Freedenberg <gnatster@comcast.net> wrote:
> " My own preference, if you want to be serious about
> plants, would be to
> go 
> with a substrate meant for plants, like flourite or
> caribsea
> eco-complete, 
> rather than messing with the laterite mixture."
> I had my terminology confused yet again. I intend to use
> the Seachem
> fluorite product and the wet CaribSea Eco-Complete. My
> question is does
> one use solely these products to build a substrate or mix
> with and/or
> layer with "traditional" aquarium gravel? What is the
> difference between
> the 3 Seachem products besides size and color? Would one
> mix all 3
> products? Would the sand component be best to layer on
> top or mix in?

S. Hieber

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