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RE: [AGA Member] Heater

I don't disagree in general but on the specifics. Our
thermostat is set to 68 F and 200 wpg is fine for my 150g.

The use of two heaters is always a good idea *if* you have
somewhere to put the second, like a sump or large aquarium.
IN a small tank, it's just too much stuff, imo

Soctt H.

--- william ruyle <inquartata@comcast.net> wrote:
> Excuse me, is my nose in the way?:-) Actually, the colder
> the climate
> and those who set their thermostats at a thrifty 65-68F
> in winter
> might want to use a beefier heater or two, in case one
> gives out. If
> I had an 150 gallon tank (lucky you Scott) I would
> definitely have some
> failsafe in place by using 2 heaters. Some recommend up
> to 10 watts a
> gallon in winter if the room is kept rather chilly. I
> think I would
> play overkill with the wattage, so the heater(s) wouldn't
> have to work
> so hard.

S. Hieber

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