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Re: [AGA Member] Heater

A light switch will last for ages if you never use it. But
each has only so many cycles in it before it fails. Same
with a Heater switches. The contacts shouldn't be corroding
at all while open or closed. During opening and closing, if
there is any arcing, that will will cause pitting and
deposits, which will cause the contact between the surfaces
to be worsened, eventually causing failure. There is
usually a condensor to minimize the arcing.

If the pitting and deposits get bad, then the surfaces
won't mate well and arcing can occur while the unit is on
and the contact points closed, but then you need to replace
that heater anyway, or at least resurface the points.

A good heater shouldn't permantently distort when heated .
An Ebo-Jager, for example, doesn't mind getting hot or
staying hot, and they have about he simplest design,
elctromechanically of any heaters onthe market -- just well
built. But heater any with an internal thermostat shuts
itself off when it gets hot -- I prefer separate
thermostats because, among other things, I find them easier
to set.


--- WB4CIW@aol.com wrote:
> I guess we seem to agree to disagree.
> Actually I believe quite the opposite is true. 
> With a heater that is too small the heater will be on for
> longer periods
> of time.  This causes the high current to run for longer
> periods of time
> eventually causing distortion, and corrosion at the
> contacts, and 
> burning out the heating element faster.
> With the 5 watts/gallon rule of thumb, or just plain
> using a larger heater
> than required, the unit will cycle a what is considered a
> normal interval
> and function for longer before any maintenance, or
> disposal, is required.
> Frank

S. Hieber

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