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Re: [AGA Member] Heaters

Actually, I recall the Supreme heaters were modularized which seemed a good
idea at the time.  You could mix and match the different length glass tubes,
different wattage heater coils and the plug-in bi-metallic contacts.  I
think after awhile I was having some problems with these sticking a bit and
causing radio interference.  I should have replaced the contact points!  But
by then I wasn't pleased with the durability of them, and ignored the

I think the thermisistor would last forever if it was well encapsulated.  It
would be the same item as the thingys at the end of the long thin wires for
the outside sensor for these inexpensive indoor/outdoor digital
thermometers.  I use one for my aquarium.  I think very little (if any)
current needs to run through them.  The only time I've messed one up was
when the wire was entangled in a thicket of Val and I got too enthusiastic
with the scissors when doing a trim.  I resoldered the wires and put a dab
of epoxy on the wire and it has been working for a few years now.

You're right about the solid state relay.  It would have to be
conservatively rated.

Steve Pituch

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