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Re: [AGA Member] Heaters

I've looked on the web several times over the last few
years and never found what I suspected to be a good
thermostat circuit except in kits that cost more than
thermostats! I can only suspect -- I'm still learning how
to spell "Amp."  ;-)

You're right; all those parts cost only a few bucks -- it's
knowing where they go and gettin' them there that costs ya.

Even a $10,000 audio amp only has a couple hundred dollars
worth of parts in it and most of that is the copper in the
transformer ;-)


--- Steven Pituch <spituch@ev1.net> wrote:
> Actually, I recall the Supreme heaters were modularized
> which seemed a good
> idea at the time.  You could mix and match the different
> length glass tubes,
> different wattage heater coils and the plug-in
> bi-metallic contacts.  I
> think after awhile I was having some problems with these
> sticking a bit and
> causing radio interference.  I should have replaced the
> contact points!  But
> by then I wasn't pleased with the durability of them, and
> ignored the
> problem.
> I think the thermisistor would last forever if it was
> well encapsulated.  It
> would be the same item as the thingys at the end of the
> long thin wires for
> the outside sensor for these inexpensive indoor/outdoor
> digital
> thermometers.  I use one for my aquarium.  I think very
> little (if any)
> current needs to run through them.  The only time I've
> messed one up was
> when the wire was entangled in a thicket of Val and I got
> too enthusiastic
> with the scissors when doing a trim.  I resoldered the
> wires and put a dab
> of epoxy on the wire and it has been working for a few
> years now.
> You're right about the solid state relay.  It would have
> to be
> conservatively rated.

S. Hieber

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