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[AGA Member] My biggest tragedy ever....

Well yes you might tag me along as one of the Amano shrimps fans....
Yesterday was a great day for introducing my eight new rams  to my 100 gallon planted tank.
The tank hosted 25 cardinals 3 flying foxes and yes - twenty beautiful Amano shrimps which did a wonderful maintenance clean job!!!
All new rams were introduced to the tank yesterday and it all seemed perfect!
Today, after coming back from work, I couldn't find the shrimps.... any where. they are all gone. poof
However the rams are beautiful and  I can see one pair already getting ready to lay their eggs. (Who wouldn't after such a meal....) I never thought this could happen (stupid me....) thoughts:
1. Should I remove the rams and get some new Shrimps ?
2. Should I introduced only a few rams at the beginning ?
3. Is there a point of trying to introducing some new rams after all - No!
So sad :-(
Any thoughts ???

Amit Brucker

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