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Re: [AGA Member] Aquabotanic Aquascaping Contest -- And the price of Admission

Do not despair. Every mail list, especially those that are
not censored, gets it's share of arguments, sidetracks,
occasional flames, and out and out barfights.  But the AGA
and APD lists have much fewer of them than many other

On the whole, the aquatic hobbyists seem to be a rather
civilized collection of folks.

There's lots of good info on the AGA and APD lists and both
basic and advanced gardening questions usually get
addresssed. In the last few of years I've found more useful
info on those two lists and thekrib.com than from other
sources in many many years of keeping aquaria.

Stick with it a while longer; I believe you will be glad
you did.

None of this "sidetrack" stuff shows up in TAG, the journal
you receive as part of your AGA membership. The TAG editor,
Karen Randall, does an absolutely terrific job of bringing
excellent material to members each month. Imo, TAG alone is
worth the price of admission. The mail list is just a
bonus, even if it requires one to selectively scan and skip
some of the messages that don't interest you.

--- David Wanderman Photography <dw@dwphoto.com> wrote:
> On 4/1/04 3:12 AM, "AGA Member - Digest"
> <owner-aga-member-digest@thekrib.com> wrote:
> > Re: [AGA Member] Aquabotanic Aquascaping Contest
> To say that this discussion is a huge turnoff to a new
> aquarist is an
> understatement.  Do you wonder why we the world is a
> mess?  Take this little
> spat and bump it up a few hundred notches and you have
> discovered war. We
> are the creation of the world we live in.  Thanks for
> holding up a mirror to
> ourselves.  You did a great job. Fish tanks provide me so
> much peace and
> harmony!?! I still think I should have gotten a hamster.
> This boring
> argument has taught me more about life and the world than
> any hair algae or
> KNO3 deficiency ever would. I take my hat off to y'all.
> This is not money
> well spent.

S. Hieber
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Aquascaping by Takashi Amano and more at
the AGA 2004 Annual Convention
Nov 12, 13 & 14; Marriott Crystal Gateway, Arlington, Virginia, USA
Aquatic Gardeners Association www.aquatic-gardeners.org

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