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[AGA Member] New Old Member.

I have just moved and am planning on getting back into the hobby once again. I was setting up my desk and cleaning some old TAG books and articles and even found a tag membership listing in which we don't even total 250 members. How things have changed. In one of the articles it shows how to make a simple Co2 reactor and injection unit. It was quite advanced in it's day. Technology has changed that. 

I shall be looking for plants I can purchase in the Bucks County PA area. Also I have a big problem. I have room for a big tank and was looking to buy a 265 Gallon. Yup not a typo (265). The problem I believe is I will not be able to go Power compact. Can't seem to find anything that I believe will suffice on the market at this time. I won't to try to avoid hanging lights do to the heat output if I can. If not I must do what is must. 

Well just looking for some ideas and recommendations.

Michael San Jose'

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