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Re: [AGA Member] New Member, with questions...Lighter lights and pumpier pumps

--- KLCheatham@att.net wrote:
> My problem is that the weight of the glass tops, and the
> lighting fixtures, are bending the center braces.  Due to
> this bending, the glass tops continue to break. 
> Additionally, in order to perform tank maintenance, I
> have to remove the fixtures and glass tops, which becomes
> somewhat burdensome.
It's hard for me to imagine that the glass is breaking from
the brace bending. It can only bend so much and still hold
the tank together. Perhaps the glass is breaking from the
weight of the lights or the heat being to localized.

You could try:

raising the lights so that the weight was carried only on
the tank frame and not the glass or brace (this would
reduce localized heat on the glass and brace too).

slightly thicker glass;

lighter lights

hang the lights fro the ceiling. But you have to not mind
the glare.

> . . . Another problem I have is with my CO2 reactor.  I 
> am
> currently using an in-tank version that uses a Rio water
> pump . . .
> the pump constantly sucks up detritus and either
> clogs up - restricting water flow into the reactor, or
> suck detritus into the reactor - clogging up the sponge
> and restricting water flow / CO2 out of the reactor. 

Whether yo use internal or external reactors,m yo have to
be able to get water into a tube, the reactor and then back
into the tank.  You could use a difuser but yo might be
diappointed with the rate of absortion.
You could put a foam sock on the intake. This will greatly
increase the amount of debris that can approach the pump
without clogging it. You can use one of Marineland's socks
made for it's reverse undergravel powerhead.  Cut to size.
or snip something out of one of those hagen filter inserts.

> There must be a better method than this, but in
> researching the topic, I can't seem to find information
> about the drawbacks of other systems.  I don't want to
> replace the current system with another equally
> frustrating one!

Diffuser-- no clogging from debris but stone clogges with

External reactor still needs a water intake but everything
else is out of the aquarium.

Good luck, good fun,
Scott H.

S. Hieber
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