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[AGA Member] AGA Member Links

The planted tank hobby is poised for explosive growth! The Aquatic Gardeners Association wants to grow with it.

We need our members to show their support and spread the word about our organization. There is a Links page on the AGA web site at www.aquatic-gardeners.org/links.html.

We would like for all of our members who have a web site, personal or business, to exchange links with us. This is an easy, free way to contribute to the AGA, and help to grow its membership.

Just e-mail me (off list, please!) your full name, title of your web site, and web site address and I will post your link in the Members section.

If you are an AGA member and also run an aquarium- or plant-related business, I will post your link in the "Business" section.

All we ask is that you also post a link to the AGA web site somewhere on your site. We have even made some cool banners, but text links are just fine! The url is http://www.aquatic-gardeners.org.

Thanks for your support. The AGA is a volunteer-run organization. We depend on the enthusiasm of our members!

Cheryl Rogers, Membership
Aquatic Gardeners Association

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