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Re: [AGA Member] Raising GH


The issue when adding CO2 is KH, not GH. You want your KH to be 4-5 to buffer the CO2 so that you do not have large pH swings. The higher your KH, the more CO2 (or other acid) you can add to the tank without changing the pH.

Seachem Equilibrium is a product which raises GH only. I used baking soda and Equilibrium for years to raise both the KH and GH in my tank from around 1 to 5. I recently switched to CaCO3 to do the same job, and it is way cheaper. But it does take a while to dissolve. I have found that by spreading it in the back of the tank the cloudiness and unsightly undissolved white powder is minimized. A GH of three is probably fine for most plants. At GH=1 or 2, crypts, vals, and lotus all did very badly for me. If you are using CaCO3 to raise your GH, you might want to add a little MGSO4 as well.

Baking soda is a stable buffer provided you do regular maintenance on your tank. 


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  I am new to this hobby so please forgive my niave question. I am adding
  CO2, (one bubble per second) 2.5 watts per gallon,(considering going up
  to 3.3) 6.8 PH and 3 degrees GH. 38 Gallon tank. I only have a GH test
  kit which indicates 3 degrees. I am interested in increasing my GH (and
  KH?). Do I understand correctly that 5dGH is the target?
  I am not sure of when to add sodium bicarbonate or calcium carbonate. I
  attempted to add calcium carbonate via. two calcium vitamin pills. I did
  not measure a difference after one hour. 
  Also what about seachem equilibrium? When and why should I use this
  Do I really need a KH test kit also?
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