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Ynt: [AGA Member] Anubias and Anubis the god

Phil and Bob, thank you for your replies regarding the relationship between
Anubias and Anubis.

Phil Edwards wrote:
"I think the name Anubias stems more from the Nubian region of africa where
the plant is often found.  No doubt the regional name stems from Anubis'

Nubian region is on the North East of Africa, between Egypt and Ethiopia. I
looked at each of Anubias varieties for their origin and could not find any
record that the varieties were seen on the East region.

Bob Olesan wrote:
"Its really best to ask some German authority, Bogner, Kasselmann etc., who
 might be far more familiar with the history of this plant and it's
introduction to the European Botanical community via Germany"

I could not find any e-mail correspondence to Bogner and Kasselmann but
still searching. If I find anthing further I will write to the list.  Thank
you for your interest.

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