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Re: [AGA Member] Re:Biotopes

--- Robert H <robertph3@comcast.net> wrote:
> >>The contest, in all it's years, was never presented as
> a
> Plant Aquascaping Contest but just an Aquascaping
> Contest.
> I was in on the group planning discussion of the first
> contest, with James
> Purchase and the rest, and my impression as I remember 
> was  it was heavily
> debated.  There has never been total agreement in the
> ranks if the contest
> should broaden its scope beyond aquariums and plants, and
> it seems that some
> attempts in that direction have not been hugely
> successful. Not that I want
> to be accused of throwing negative energy out there, but
> that is the
> reality.

There was never *total* agreement on much of anything, such
is the nature of committee work. Some in disagreement on
this or that issue just dropped out, some, unfortunately,
were driven off, but a core body remained and a few new
folks came along over the years. Initially there was even
some confusion over the term "aquascaping." Some foks
seemed to think that the term itself actually implied
plants. The discussion about requiring plants came to a
head in the first year while the group chose the name of
the event and "Plant" and "Live Plant" were considered and
decidely omitted.

It might be worth rehasing this issue, but the contest
doesn't seem big enough yet to eschew those few entries,
some of them prize winning beauties. In fact, the contest
is about 150 entries short of the number that seemed to be
anticipated in those early days when the name was chosen.


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