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Re: [AGA Member] Re:Re:Biotopes

Good points, Robert.

--- Robert H <robertph3@comcast.net> wrote:
> I remember that, it took like three months to decide what
> the name was going
> to be.

Because underlying the decision were issues like is it a
show or acontest or both (it was originally both), are
(aquatic) plants a requirement, a couple other things.
Certainly not a case of a rose is a rose is a rose. ;-)
> I am not suggesting that it be re hashed. I do not think
> it matters all that
> much. The amount of participation or lack of in
> catagories that inlcude all
> rocks or pond design or other things does not take
> anything away from the
> main part of the contest that everyone gets so excited to
> see...the plants!

I think that's a really good point.

> I just think biotopes with plants could become much more
> popular if it was
> better explained to people what the judges expect., and
> if the judges knew
> what to base their judgement on. Simple biotopes or
> advanced biotopes?
> Loosely based biotopes with lots of latitude, or strict
> biotopes?

As several others have noted, people will be better
prepared if they know more about what a biotope is. I don't
think we need to tell folks, yor tank must be like this (or
that) or it won't be accepted. But I like the idea of the
contestant identifying what kind of tank is being
submitted, representing a biotypical scene or merely a
regionally thematic assortment.

Additionally, it would be fair to advise prospective
contestants whether specific biotopes are likely to garner
more "points than or blends (themes, regionals) *and*
whether that will necessarily make a tank score higher
overall. Hmmm, I'm thinking that, at a minimum, perhaps
some indication of weighting between specificity of
representation ("Pure" biotope vs theme), accuracy of
representation, and aesthetic quality. Do those three
factors seem like the relevent fundamental areas? Is one
entry better than another if, other things being equal, it
is better on any one of those factors? I.e., does it matter
in terms of competition if an entry is more or less
specific?  More or less accurate? More or less
aesthetically pleasing? And if so, can we indicate to
judges and contestants the relative importance of each?


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