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[AGA Member] Re:Re:Biotopes

>>The discussion about requiring plants came to a
head in the first year while the group chose the name of
the event and "Plant" and "Live Plant" were considered and
decidely omitted.<<

I remember that, it took like three months to decide what the name was going
to be.

>>It might be worth rehasing this issue, but the contest
doesn't seem big enough yet to eschew those few entries,
some of them prize winning beauties. In fact, the contest
is about 150 entries short of the number that seemed to be
anticipated in those early days when the name was chosen.<<

I am not suggesting that it be re hashed. I do not think it matters all that
much. The amount of participation or lack of in catagories that inlcude all
rocks or pond design or other things does not take anything away from the
main part of the contest that everyone gets so excited to see...the plants!
I just think biotopes with plants could become much more popular if it was
better explained to people what the judges expect., and if the judges knew
what to base their judgement on. Simple biotopes or advanced biotopes?
Loosely based biotopes with lots of latitude, or strict biotopes?

Robert Hudson

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